Gourmet Bang Street at Basement 1


Gourmet Bang Street is located at B1 of Prosper Centre, which combined with various cultures and cuisines. It is a modern and elegant restaurant street designed to excite and create an intriguing dining experience within the underground area.  The restaurant is decorated with uniquely designed lantern pavilions and private dining rooms. Classical dining room, antique furniture, gallery grille and past murals are all showing the charming and romantic Eastern and European tradition. Gourmet Bang Street retain the essence of traditional cuisine, in the meanwhile it choose low-carbon healthy organic green food without MSG and Chicken powder.


The cuisine presents the best of Cantonese, Shangdong, Huaiyang, Southeast Asian, Hunan, Japanese and Szechuan flavours. It is a fashionable blend of taste that delights the palates of demanding gourmets.





Courtyard V - dinning room


Singaporean Restaurant - dinning room


 Repulse Bay Cantonese Restaurant - dinning room


 Mekong Riverside Cuisine 





Westside Café at ground floor
Westside Café is located at west end of Prosper Centre on the ground floor.  It is the only typical and classical English pub in Beijing with many original antique collections from the famous ‘Royal Cafe’ in London. It brings you an elegant yet very relaxing ambient.  At the outdoor area, it is surrounded with water cannel as the only retreat in the Beijing CBD area with aqua element. With fine food & wine and large screen projection, it is an ideal place for cocktail, corporate event  and networking function, etc.